Strategy for provoking customer anger

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استراتيجية إثارة غضب العملاء

"Employees serving other customers, we appreciate your patience.

After ten minutes of waiting, I can't remember the reason for my call. I'm simply waiting for customer service to answer, hoping to burst with anger due to the long wait without the slightest consideration or words of appreciation that we are accustomed to hearing!

If you work in customer service, don't be surprised by hostile-sounding questions that sometimes escalate to threats and abuse. Stirring up a commotion has become a strategy we have developed to ensure faster problem resolution!

Speed changes everything! People are used to being put on hold, accustomed to hearing phrases that indicate "care," which, in their eyes, means "no care"!

But just as soon as an employee answers promptly, the customer's behavior changes 180 degrees. Their tone shifts from hostility to friendliness, and they become so much kinder to the point of deeply thanking you.

Responding to customers quickly is often the best thing you can do when it comes to customer service. It's amazing how this can reduce tension and turn a bad situation into a good one!

How do you apologize to a customer? There is no magical formula. Any generic response will seem cliché and hollow. You must act according to the situation. However, there are plenty of bad ways, the worst of which is the non-apology! For example, saying, "We apologize if this caused you any inconvenience or harm" or "We're sorry we didn't meet your expectations" or anything along those lines!

The appropriate apology is taking responsibility, showing the customer your commitment to avoiding mistakes, providing genuine details about what happened and what you are doing to prevent the error from recurring, and finding a way to rectify the situation. Keep in mind that the best apology won't save you if you haven't gained the trust of your customers. If you have built rapport with your customers, they will seek your apology and trust you when you apologize.

Put yourself in the customer's shoes. Imagine you sent an email and it took days or weeks to receive a response from the company. How would you feel? Annoyed, angry, or unimportant!

Try to have every member of your team communicate with customers, not necessarily on a daily basis, but a few times throughout the year. This is the only way your team can truly understand what the customer is going through. Feeling what the customers experience is what genuinely motivates employees to solve problems. Experiencing customer satisfaction or dealing with a customer who had an issue that was resolved can be a highly impactful motivator.

Differentiate yourself with personalized responses. Even if they are not perfect, saying something like, "Let me look into the matter and get back to you" can work wonders.

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