"Huawei Saudi Arabia" and "Sharik Hub" have launched a new joint project.

Powered by :Sharik Hub | 18 July 2023 | News

"Huawei Saudi Arabia" and "Sharik Hub" have launched a new joint project.

Huawei Saudi Arabia, a global company, and Sharek Hub, a specialized company in operating and managing co-working spaces, incubators, and accelerators, have launched a new joint project to support and develop Saudi technology companies. The program aims to provide training and global marketing opportunities for Saudi youth who own startups in various technological fields. The launch event took place in Riyadh at the Entrepreneurship Center, affiliated with the Small and Medium Enterprises Authority "Monshaat," and was attended by interested parties in these sectors.

The program will enable Saudi startups in artificial intelligence, 5G, education, e-health technologies, and augmented reality to benefit from the support provided. Huawei Saudi Arabia will offer various support opportunities to selected projects, including training in artificial intelligence development, providing experimental AI devices with guidance on their use to deliver innovative solutions for the project. Additionally, a number of seats in Huawei's laboratories in Riyadh will be allocated in collaboration with Sharek Hub to integrate solutions with 5G networks, and provide an opportunity to market the client's products and services to Huawei's customers. Selected projects will also have the chance to market their products globally through marketing events organized throughout the year.

Awaid Al-Subeai, CEO of Sharek Hub, stated that through this project, the company aims to provide support and marketing opportunities for the products and services of startup owners, opening new horizons for them in the technology world and providing greater opportunities to showcase their products globally. He emphasized the importance of providing greater opportunities for startups to achieve their future aspirations, as such quality projects are needed by Saudi startups to obtain various types of support and introduce what they offer. The training and marketing opportunities available will have a significant impact on the development and broader recognition of these startups, especially considering Huawei Saudi Arabia's advanced position in the technology field and its significant capabilities.

Representatives from Huawei Saudi Arabia confirmed their commitment to supporting startups in the local Saudi market, which is rich with diverse skills and promising companies. They will strive to provide support to startups as they are considered promising and contribute to their success. They also noted that the Saudi market possesses exceptional startup projects, and with the support provided, they will become some of the most prominent and successful projects ever.


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